1. Please stop taking aspirin, or anti-inflammatory drugs (such as Advil, Motrin, Naprosyn, etc.) 5 days prior to your endoscopic procedure. If you are on Coumadin or Plavix or other blood thinning medication, notify our office immediately at 415-600-1151.
  2. If you are a diabetic, please notify our office at 415-600-1151 and our R.N. will discuss your morning diabetes medications with you.
  3. If your procedure is before 12 noon, have no solid food after midnight the night before your procedure.
  4. If your appointment is after 12 noon, you may have a light (low fat, low fiber) breakfast at least 6 hours before your procedure, then no solid food.
  5. You may have clear liquids until 4 hours before your procedure, then have nothing at all by mouth.
  6. You may take the necessary medication with sips of water.
  7. You must bring a driver or arrange transportation home after your procedure. Driving is not permitted for at least 12 hours, due to drowsiness and delayed reflexes from the IV medication. You should also not conduct any business or sign any legal documents until the next day.