We’re here for you.

A significant number of patients outside the United States obtain care from our Interventional Endoscopy Services (IES) team of physicians.  In particular, Dr. Kenneth Binmoeller’s reputation as a global expert in the field of interventional endoscopy attracts patients from around the world.  These patients obtain care either from Dr. Binmoeller directly or from one of the other physicians in his group, who he has personally trained.

To determine whether or not Interventional Endoscopy Services Medical Group can assist a patient, we start with a review of the patient’s medical records; particularly those from the patient’s local gastroenterologist or other specialists.  Based on this review the IES physicians determine what, if any, procedure(s) is or are right for the patient.

The majority of International patients pay for their procedures with cash.  In these cases, Dr. Binmoeller’s Administrative office provides the patient with a quote for the IES physician services.

Dr. Binmoeller’s Administrative team also provides guidance for the patient by providing contact and procedure information for the Hospital’s (CPMC) Patient Financing Department to secure a procedure facility quote.  The Administrative team will also guide the patient to reach out to the anesthesia and pathology group (if necessary) to secure the costs from these groups for the procedure.

The IES Medical Group’s Administrative Team are happy to assist with recommending hotels and answering any other questions the patient or their family may have. You can reach us at  415-600-1151.