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Choosing the best interventional endoscopy center for your complex digestive disease or condition…

Choosing the right interventional endoscopy center is a critical step towards receiving the best possible outcome for your digestive condition. Whether you live outside California or near the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin County or Northern California, the best physician for you begins with choosing the interventional endoscopy program that offers comprehensive GI disease treatment options.

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Our Vision – Interventional Endoscopy Services Medical Group

“Our vision is to provide the best management of and whenever possible cure digestive tract disease and cancer. We accomplish these missions by developing and advancing the use of endoscopic technology and methods. IES Medical Group continues to make progress by the development of “next-generation” procedures that will replace surgery.”

Dr.  Binmoeller and the other IES Medical Group physicians offer state-of-the-art endoscopic expertise currently available at only a few select centers in the world.  Dr. Binmoeller’s stature in the field of interventional endoscopy and his highly trained team continue to assure the excellence of treatment modalities in the clinical environment. The gains achieved in interventional endoscopy are largely driven by research initiatives, many of which Dr. Binmoeller has personally initiated.

“Advances in the field of interventional endoscopy have been remarkable, enabling us to diagnose and treat diseases with the flexible endoscope under conscious sedation” states Dr. Kenneth Binmoeller, Program Director. “Patients benefit enormously from the minimally invasive approach that endoscopy affords. The avoidance of more invasive procedures also results in substantial health care cost savings.”

Paul May & Frank Stein Interventional Endoscopy Center

California Pacific Medical Center

The Paul May & Frank Stein Interventional Endoscopy Center in San Francisco features the IES Medical Group, a team of top-rated gastrointestinal disease doctors and interventional endoscopy specialists in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin County and Northern California region who use the most successful non-surgical treatment options available. 

1101 Van Ness Avenue, Floor 4
San Francisco, CA 94109

The  Team at Interventional Endoscopy Services Medical Group

Our physicians are some of the top interventional endoscopy doctors in the nation. They are world-renowned pioneers in interventional endoscopy. We emphasize personalized patient care that is delivered through our physicians’ commitment to excellence and endoscopic expertise. The four doctors at the Center, including founder and director Dr. Kenneth Binmoeller, are pioneers and specialists in advanced interventional endoscopy. Our supporting nursing and technical staff are also highly specialized, hand-picked for the contribution they make to the state-of-the-art procedures and technologies provided at this unique facility.

Over the past decades, the doctors at Interventional Endoscopic Services Medical Group have invented and pioneered many of the instruments and procedures used in their daily work. An example is the lumen-apposing metal stent (LAMS), invented by Dr. Kenneth Binmoeller. The LAMS is used to relieve blockages of various kinds and create a direct connection (“bypass”) between neighboring structures, such as a direct connection between the gallbladder and bowel. The IESMG doctors have published over 300 papers and have held over 500 presentations at national and international meetings.

Meet the Specialists

Dr Kenneth F. Binmoeller
Interventional Endoscopic Gastroenterologist
Dr Andrew Nett
Interventional Endoscopic Gastroenterologist